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Guerrilla Street-theater day on Wall Street

Remember the “Billionaires for Bush“? Well, they are back, except they are now the “Billionaires for the Bailout”. They were out in force on Wall Street yesterday, dressed up in tuxedos and sending a shout-out of “Thank you for covering out assets!” to taxpayers for bailing them out.

But they weren’t the only participants in a media circus. Nearby was a person wearing an oversized papier-mache head of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was dancing to the tune of “Money (That’s What I Want)” while surrounded by people holding signs with slogans like “US Treasury Under New Management: Goldman Sachs”.

Meanwhile, artist Laura Gilbert passed out limited edition prints of her “Zero Dollar” — for free.

And two women wearing ghoulish white masks were also there, handing out real dollar bills with “USA Beware, Arrest Bush” on them.


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  1. byron wrote:

    by the way there is no gold in fort knox we have been lied to agian i demand the goverment to let us in fort knox so we can see the truth and whats up with all the police brutality well heres my 2 cents we dident earn our indapendance from england by peacfull protest we had to arm our selfs and fight maybee its time to arm ourselfs once agian and remeber rodny king our voices where not heard untell we rioted and looted maybee its time stand together

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 3:57 pm | Permalink