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Wrap-up: the end of an error

Even though most people probably just want to forget about the Bush presidency (what were we thinking, anyway?), there are two wrap-ups that are definitely worth reading:

The first is AlterNet’s “The 10 Most Awesomely Bad Moments of the Bush Presidency” with some outrageous lines like “One of the Bush administration’s favorite pastimes over the past eight years has been gleefully urinating in the faces of the other two branches of government.”

Second is a special edition of Harper’s Index dedicated to Bush, which includes statistics like “Portion of his presidency he has spent at or en route to vacation spots: 1/3”, “Percentage change since 2001 in U.S. government spending on paper shredding: +466”, and “Estimated amount Bush-era policies will cost the U.S. in new debt and accrued obligations: $10,350,000,000,000”

As a special bonus, we leave you with a quote from Vice President Dick Cheney, who when asked last week by the Casper Tribune why he’s so unpopular, responded “I  don’t have any idea. I don’t follow the polls.”