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Heckuva Job!

On Monday, I wrote about how — despite the danger of a swine flu pandemic — Republicans were blocking the appointment of Kathleen Sibelius to head Health and Human Services because of her views on abortion (for example, she vetoed a bill that would have prevented abortion even when the mother’s life was in danger), and they also were bragging about how they had stripped money for flu pandemic prevention from the stimulus bill, calling it (ironically, since this is the swine flu) pork.

In that article, I made a passing reference to “heckuva job” Brownie, who famously bungled the response to hurricane Katrina. Never in a million years did I expect Michael Brown to pop his head up again. But who else but Fox would drag him out in order to have this “expert” (on how to screw up) attack the World Health Organization and Obama for their response to the swine flu outbreak.

His criticism? That Obama (and WHO) are recklessly overreacting. After all, Brown waited days after Louisiana had declared an emergency before even requesting federal personnel be sent to the gulf area. What is Obama trying to do, make him look bad? (In reality, Obama has said that the swine flu is obviously a cause for concern, “but it’s not a cause for alarm”.)

In return, Fox host Neil Cavuto said that Brown was a “sacrificial lamb” who was blamed for the Katrina problems.

What’s next on Fox? Dick Cheney as an expert on gun safety?