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Dick Cheney: How’d He Do?

This video from Letterman about Cheney’s recent criticisms of Obama is absolutely hilarious:

As for how Obama is doing, this article in the Washington Post is all good news:

  • The economy? Recovering. Warren Buffett declares the economy is “out of the quicksand”. Construction spending up for the first time in five months.
  • House Sales? Higher than expected increases for two straight months.
  • The markets? Rallying. Dow Jones IA up 6% since Inauguration Day.
  • Swine flu? Abating. Mexico reports that cases are diminishing, and US health experts say the virus is less severe than feared.
  • Pakistan’s nuclear weapons? Secured.
  • Health care reform? On track for this year.
  • Optimism? 50% of Americans think things are going in the right direction, up from only 8% in October.
  • Obama’s approval ratings? Impossibly high.

Even the ongoing multiyear drought in the SouthEast is over, although I don’t think Obama can take credit for that.



  1. Luis rivera wrote:

    I am completely sure that If you are listening to SNMBC, 99% Liberal, ABC, 80 % liberal, CNN, 75% Liberal and Fox
    News, about 60/40, listeners may have a different opinion. I am Independent and I look at both sides. I do not vote for a Monkey because he makes promises, I look at both sides of the isle. Many times I did not agree with Dick Chaney, I worked for him many years ago; however, at the present time he is telling like it is. He is speaking the truth. Well, that’s what I believe. Am I going to believe in a crook treasurer, he should be in jail, in a speaker where everything coming out of her mouth is a lie…I wish I had the power to test water boarding with…..and there is more.

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 4:26 pm | Permalink
  2. Luis rivera wrote:

    I am back. I needed to show that I am an Independent Voter. My first vote was for J Carter, and after that I realized my mistake; and started looking and learning about the two parties. Later on I voted for Reagan, probably my best vote. I voted for Bush Father, and the second time around I voted against Bush Father. I voted for Clinton; he said what I wanted to hear, them I voted against him, I believe he was more interested in skirts than in Politics. I voted for Bush, later I voted against Bush, and them, without doubt I voted for McCain, I met him and I knew where he was coming from. The problem is that people thought they were voting for Bush. There was no way I could vote for Obama, his history in Chicago is disgusting, unaceptable, he did not do anything; he just said what people wanted to hear. Then I saw a good friend recuriting hundreds and hundreds of people that probably never voted, failed schools, no jobs, didn’t know what was happening; however they were transported to vote for Obana, and this happened in about every state…..Why? If this what is called ACORN? I respect peoples vote and opinions, but I believe that you need to lood at both sides and go from there.

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 5:28 pm | Permalink
  3. Luis rivera wrote:

    One more comment. I believe Obama was in New Mexico today and said: “We have to work on the Bubget”. What? just like in Chicago, saying what people want to hear. Are people so naive that they don’t know who just recently screwed up the budget?

    Today the Vice President said the economy is improving………Stop talking about Chaney and be concern about the VP that most of the time he doesn’t know what he is talking about…they should put tape on his mouth.

    Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 7:43 pm | Permalink