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People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw Acorns

Senator David Vitter (R-LA) claims on his website that he “has been the Senate’s most outspoken critic of ACORN”. In the wake of tapes that show ACORN employees offering tax advice to two conservative operators posing as a prostitute and a pimp, Vitter has “offered multiple admendments to bar them from receiving federal funding.”

What makes this hypocritical is that you might recall that Vitter was exposed as a client of the DC Madam, and another Madam in New Orleans said that Vitter was a client of her prostitutes. Vitter confessed “a very serious sin” for which he was “completely responsible”.

Perhaps Vitter just doesn’t want his prostitutes getting tax advice.

Interestingly, Vitter has gone AWOL during votes punishing ACORN, causing speculation that he doesn’t want to remind anyone of his links to prostitutes.

Vitter has one thing in common with ACORN: despite strong accusations, neither has been convicted of any actual criminal charges. But Vitter somehow thinks accusations are enough for Congress to punish ACORN by cutting their funding. Maybe the voters should give Vitter a funding cut too.