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AriZona, not Arizona!

I don’t know if this is funny or sad, but the AriZona Iced Tea company has been caught in the backlash against the state of Arizona for their racist new anti-illegal immigrant law.

The funny bit is that AriZona Iced Tea has absolutely no connections with the state of Arizona, being located in Long Island, New York (no connection to “long island iced tea”). The company was even forced to post something on their website, to try to avoid a potential boycott of their products.

The Arizona law requires immigrants to show their papers to prove that they are legal, so it is pretty ironic that the blowback has companies “showing their papers” to prove that they aren’t from Arizona.

As an added twist, the whole idea of a boycott against AriZona Iced Tea seems to have originated as a joke gone bad, made by a humorist and poet, but which was taken up by the media as serious.