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The Politics of Distraction (part 2)

© Matt Wuerker


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  1. BTN wrote:

    I think this illustrates two problems:

    1) Republicans throwing up distractions
    2) Democrats reacting to every distractions instead of pushing important issues

    Political parties claim to want total power (Presidency, House and Senate), but in reality, this makes it harder to blame the other party when things don’t go your way or when you don’t want to make the hard choices.

    Case in point: the pathetic Financial Reform Bill. The Democrats kept saying that they had to weaken the bill to satisfy the Republicans, but how long would a politician stay in office that voted against a bill that was more balanced towards the consumers? The Dem should ahve called their bluff and forced them to vote against it. The Dems didn’t want a strong bill any more than the rRepublicans did. The bankers have friends on both sides of the aisle

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