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Late Night Political Humor

“At the UN, President Obama called on other countries to help us track down and eliminate radicals and extremists. But they told Obama, ‘Hey, the tea party is your problem, buddy.'” – Jay Leno

“Bob Woodward has written a book which states that the White House agonized over the decision to leave Iraq. Too bad no one agonized over the decision to go into Iraq.” – David Letterman

“In the book, they talk about bitter arguments, personality conflicts, and power struggles. And that’s just with Obama’s mother-in-law.” – David Letterman

“President Obama said he plans on training 10,000 new math and science teachers. How about teaching math to that economic team of his?” – Jay Leno

“On the ‘Today’ show, President Obama said he supports having a longer school year. In response, Sasha and Malia announced they support Sarah Palin.” – Jimmy Fallon

“These Tea Party groups are very conservative. In fact, 58 percent of Tea Party members now believe Joe Biden is a Muslim.” – Jay Leno


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    Thank you. Now that the anti-spam software has been uninstalled, Political Irony now loads using DSL in less than a day.

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