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Crushing Dissent

© Glenn McCoy

There seem to be three possibilities for the general riots in Egypt: Mubarak crushes the dissenters, the dissenters force Mubarak to reform the government, or (like Tunisia) Mubarak leaves Egypt. What will happen, or even what would be best for Egypt, is anyone’s guess.



  1. Don wrote:

    The next 24-48 hours appears to be critical. Per Al Jazeera, the police in Egypt have pretty much disappeared and the military is being viewed by protesters in a positive way.

    Unfortunately, looting and property damage are increasing and I’m concerned that, at some point, the military will have to take a much more active role to restore civil order.

    Watching this occur (by the way, I think Al Jazeera is the best source – I have there live feed on much of the time has been quite interesting.

    One rumor reported earlier by Al Jazeera was that Mubarak was negotiating with Israel to reside in Tel Aviv. Haven’t heard much else on this.

    I have seen the question raised as to what role the release of diplomatic cables has played in the north African countries experiencing civil unrest. In my mind, this is an interesting question.

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  2. Iron Knee wrote:

    Don, did you read this:

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  3. Don wrote:

    I would say that it’s obvious that I didn’t. Hmmmm. Must be slacking off. Friday I was sitting in a doctor’s office and this morning I’ve been following what’s going on in Egypt. I know, I know, I should always make time for PI. I should probably also read up from the last one I did read instead of reading down from the first one to come up on the screen. That way I wouldn’t bring up already discussed topics.

    Actually, I have been slacking off. It seems that periodically I reach a point at which I feel overwhelmed by the plethora of things going on. I start following just the thread of the news and not the warp and weave. Decompress a bit, catch my breath, and, when things come back into focus again, pick up tracking on issues of interest.

    Peace out.

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