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Truth in Consensus

[The Washington Fancy, a new online publication devoted to political satire, debuted this morning. This is a reprint of an article from their inaugural edition.]

Polls Are Accurate Representations of Fact and Public Opinion, Poll Says

WASHINGTON — After decades of controversy, it has finally been established that polls effectively convey public opinion, a recent poll shows.

In recent years multiple media outlets have called into question the usefulness of polling data as a way to make decisions. It is claimed that polls sample too small a population to show public opinion. Even if polls did quiz a larger percentage of the population, public opinion doesn’t necessarily show fact. However, it appears that these thoughts have been proven wrong.

A public opinion poll conducted on June 20th by Truth In Polling Group has provided some new data. The poll shows that 92% of people believe polls to be accurate sources of public opinion and fact. Only 5% believed this to be untrue, with 3% refusing to answer.

“This is groundbreaking,” said Peter Coburn, a journalist at The Washington Fancy. “There is no longer a question that polling data is effective – the poll data says so.”

Not all are satisfied with the results of the poll. Sociologist Nathan Landon of The Political Fact Institute had a different view of the data. He said, “It doesn’t matter what the polling data shows, if the concept of polling data is flawed.”

Landon’s remarks went unheeded, as he lacked the appropriate polling data to back up his statement.

By Gerould R. Lobouski



  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I just polled a population who approved me being appointed president-dictator for life of the US.

    The demographics of this poll are available for a small fee.

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    How can we worship you if you remain anonymous?

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    Uhm, don’t confuse me.

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    Can I confuse him? Can I??

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