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The Tax Logic of Grover Norquist

Much of our current stalemate in Congress is due to the anti-tax pledge created by Grover Norquist, who believes that even closing crazy tax loopholes for large corporations is a tax increase.

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  1. JoAnne wrote:

    Dear Mr. Norquist.

    I am sure this letter to you will fall of deaf door however, I cannot help but express to you that with all due respect you become a very powerful man which on one hand I applauded but on the other I feel is very un-American in the way you are handling the power your have very skillfully engineered.

    Having power and holding people to you tax ideology hurts the American people, this ideology is misplaced with the current state of our economy. You are a smart man and you know that you cannot cut your way out of this situation.
    You will not bring down this country with what you have done but what you have done it proven that you are not for what is best for the country and you are for the chosen few.

    Great idea but very unpatriotic. Unfortunately you will never be president because of the damage you have caused this country. Being a leader is one who can see father than your own objective and do what is best for the entire country and for that matter in this case the world.

    When this all blows over and it will you are going to end up one of the most hated men in the world.

    Your T party idea is good; not raising taxes is good the whole country agrees with the concept.

    However, you do not hurt all the people in this country for this agenda right now.

    You are being paid by people with lots of money and you are looking at others as ants that can be crushed and destroyed.

    News flash this is a democracy and we want it to remain that way. What you are doing is class warfare and is unacceptable.

    We all want to do what is right and just for this country, we want to be able to feed our families and have the same opportunities that you had. To try and crush the American dream is wrong.

    Won’t you please find a way to calm down your people, help to grow the economy, and then when things are fruitful you can them implement this no taxes and balance budget. People need you help right now, now fighting our democracy. Mistakes were made, you know that, I trust you not one of those people who bask in the suffering of others.

    Division is very hurting for all. Again, you have a great ideas but you should be helping to put this country back together and we will all come on board one with fiscal responsiblity, low taxes, modify Medicare and Social Security (not Paul Ryans plan) there has to be another way to take care of the american people. and absolutely no biogtry.

    You are trying to set all of us back and we will not go back. You are to young to have such archoaic ideas.

    I’m am afraid that this attitude and ideas will start a war in this country. Do not continue this path.

    I love amercia, I love my life, I have always respected every president we have had. The desions they have made have helped and hurt me but I have always been an American.

    Shoving this down our throats will not work and will destroy this country. There are those out there who are willing to lose thier faimilies for this principal, I am one who would not like to see americans lose lives over not being able to come to consensus and fight this battle over time.

    I hope you will just consider toning down and getting this country back on track, we need leaders for all the people.

    Democrats or Republicans or Tea Party makes no difference to me. I just want you all to take care all the people and pay into the Government to provide for those who cannot take their of themselves when they get old.



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