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Pick Your Scandal

© Joel Pett

Saying that the Solyndra scandal proves that green energy is a failure is the height of hypocrisy. How many wars have we fought, trillions of dollars have we wasted, and pristine environments have we destroyed just to keep getting our oil fix? We are like alcoholics who say “I tried drinking water, but it didn’t agree with me.”



  1. PatriotSGT wrote:

    “Saying that the Solyndra scandal proves that green energy is a failure is the height of hypocrisy”

    I agree 100%. I just havn’t heard that. I did hear that they were a company that was known to be at a very high or imminent risk of failure and denied funding at one time, but somehow approved the second time.
    Green energy is not a failure. Where there were only a relative handful of solar and green energy companies in the 80’s, now there are an estimated 5000 “green” companies. So it could not be termed a failure. Why did we choose to back a loser or for that matter try to pick winners, thats likely to do with politics and donations more then common business sense. They should have picked a company that was smaller, but profitable, with a good business plan that needed capital to expand or grow. They instead picked a compnay that was losing money, never made money and unlikely to ever make money under its current business plan. If we can’t criticize that kind of poor decision making then opponents are just turning it into a political war. Progress is being made in alternative energies, but we are a long long way before green energy could come close to replacing our existing traditional energy sources.

    Also, there has been no “war for oil” that I am aware of and to my knowledge it’s exists only in the imagination of the green left. Matter of fact, Sen. Mikulski criticized the Bush admin because the Iraq war was supposed to get partially paid for by oil from the new Iraqi government, which never materialized. In her own words “we did not receive 1 dime” and she was mad about not receiving any oil for war.

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  2. ebdoug wrote:

    I’m working with a company to put some solar on my roofs. Before I told him my budget, he figured what it would cost to put solar on my south roof. Then I told him what I had. He,himself, was shocked that we matched on budget. Going in next Month. Should generate over half of what I use. Won’t be selling any back to the power company. Unfortunately I won’t be off the grid. But my small local company is great.

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  3. Dan wrote:

    So, do We the People own Solyndra now??? We could do for it what we did for GM.

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