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Late Night Political Humor

“Here’s why Sarah Palin says she won’t be running for president. She says she can be more effective at getting others elected by not running. And I thought, well, that’s true, because in 2008 she got Obama elected.” – David Letterman

“Palin said she could help the country more by not running for president. Today, John McCain said, ‘Why didn’t you tell me that three years ago?'” – Jay Leno

“Sarah Palin is not running for president, but she says she will help other candidates get elected. Yeah, those other candidates are named Barack Obama and Joe Biden.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Last night Sarah Palin released a letter announcing that she will not run for president in 2012. That’s right, Sarah Palin wrote a letter — which explains why her spellcheck had to be given CPR.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Another huge setback for the Obama campaign today. Sarah Palin is not running for President. Couldn’t find her birth certificate.” – Jay Leno

“The economy’s so bad, I was in Central Park today. I saw pigeons feeding old people. To save money we had to fire two writers, so this joke I’m in the middle of right now has no punch line.” – David Letterman

“Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told a congressional committee that the economic recovery is close to faltering. On the bright side, most Americans won’t be affected because we had no idea there was a recovery.” – Jay Leno

“There’s a bill in Florida to repeal the state ban on dwarf tossing. Is this what Republicans mean when they say they want smaller government?” – Jimmy Kimmel

“A new poll shows only 3 percent strongly approve of the job Congress is doing, with a margin of error of 4 percent, so it’s possible that ‘less than no one’ thinks they’re doing a good job.” – Jay Leno


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  1. Dan wrote:

    These are all GOOD! Well, in the respect of reflecting reality, which itself is not so good.
    Welcome to the Plutocracy, may its days be numbered.

    Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 10:42 am | Permalink