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Want Romney But Not Mitt?

Yes, that's Hugh Romney, aka Wavy Gravy, running for president yet again


The folks at Shakedown News, with tongue firmly in cheek, suggest “The man who ran security at Woodstock in 1969 … may in fact, know what he’s doing” unlike some of the other clowns running.

Wavy Gravy founded the nobody for president meme in '76

If you’ve never met Wavy Gravy, then you may suspect he’s just a 60’s counterculture clown. You’d be mostly wrong. He’s a clown but also a very effective activist for many compassionate causes such as SEVA Foundation which develops sustainable, culturally sensitive solutions for international health and development. He remains  a clown for OUR times.

True, I wouldn’t really promote him for president but the man deserves a lot of credit for living the idealism of the sixties without compromise. For his efforts to help the most needy everywhere, Paul Krassner has called him “the illegitimate son of Harpo Marx and Mother Teresa.” Wavy says “I’m Saint Misbehaving.”

– Iron Filing