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Not Mitt Is Not Much

Wednesday, we reviewed 3 of 99 things to know about Mitt. Just to be fairly fair, today we’ll consider the 1 thing worth knowing about each of the other Republican candidates.

– Iron Filing

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  1. Don wrote:

    Fairly good summary. I think Cain has totally surprised himself. I think he originally got into the race to raise his name recognition. I think he thinks he’s a real candidate, now. I think he’s out of it, but hasn’t realized it yet, as well.

    On the Rick Perry speech and some subsequent video I’ve caught of him. I think his meds for his back pain due to the reportedly botched operation tend to flip him out. Texans do like their good ole boys, but I don’t think performances as weird as a couple of his would even play well there.

    I’m sad that Houseman isn’t a player although I sense he’s just wishing that the fools would all drop as soon as possible so the media has to give him some attention. After all, his daughters can’t be out in front of him in name recognition for too long can they? Actually, they’re that best press he gets so maybe it’s good they’re doing what they’re doing. Heck, making big time tv appearance on Faux News. Dang!!

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