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Late Night Political Humor: Raising Cain Again

Over the last week I have found it increasingly difficult to post Political Irony’s only regular feature, “Late Night Political Humor” because of the preponderance of Herman Cain sexual harassment jokes.

Today, and until I come up with better criteria, I’ll not publish jokes that seem to put too much attention on the accusers as individuals. A lot did not make the cut. – Iron Filing

Herman Cain says he will not quit. He is going to stay in the race. You know what that means? He’ll be gone in a week.” –David Letterman

“Mitt Romney said he created thousands of jobs as governor of Massachusetts. Rick Perry said he created thousands as governor of Texas. Herman Cain said he tried to create a number of jobs for women but now he’s getting attacked for it all of a sudden.” –Jimmy Kimmel

“Herman Cain said he would be willing to take a lie detector test. But that’s kind of a double-edged sword. If he fails, his career is over. And if he passes and it turns out he’s not a liar, he’s obviously not cut out for politics.” –Jay Leno

“If the earth was visited by aliens, this could be a huge problem for the Republican party. I mean, Michele Bachmann would want to deport them, Rick Perry would want to execute them, Mitt Romney would be undecided about what to do, and Herman Cain would try to take them up to his room.” –Jay Leno

“There’s a fifth woman that claims to have had a problem with Herman Cain. If this keeps up, it seems very unlikely he will be president, although it seems more and more likely he will become governor of California.” –Jimmy Kimmel

“Earlier today Herman Cain rejected calls that he should withdraw from the race. He said, ‘It ain’t gonna happen!’ That’s what he said. Ironically, that’s what women say to him when he’d put his hand up their skirt.” –Jay Leno

‎”The harassment allegations keep coming at Herman Cain — like an uninvited hand up a pleated skirt.” –Stephen Colbert