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Friended by Herman Cain

Our friend (and I mean friend like Cain means ham sandwich) Andy Borowitz is channeling Herman Cain’s political ghost in this satire of a Herman Cain fare well speech: A Farewell from Herman Cain [by Andy Borowitz of The Borowitz Report] Dear Friend, And when I say “friend,” I mean it in the normal way, […]


David Letterman’s Top Ten Times Two

“Top Ten Ways The World Would Be Different If Everyone Were Named Newt” 10. Goodbye eggs Benedict; hello eggs Newt 9. Beatles broke up because ‘Newt’ couldn’t get along with ‘Newt’ 8. Trump would be known as ‘The Newt’ 7. Still have a tattoo of your ex-girlfriend’s name? No problem! 6. Santa now says, ‘On […]


Late Night Political Humor: Raising Cain Again

Over the last week I have found it increasingly difficult to post Political Irony’s only regular feature, “Late Night Political Humor” because of the preponderance of Herman Cain sexual harassment jokes. Today, and until I come up with better criteria, I’ll not publish jokes that seem to put too much attention on the accusers as […]


From Mud To Duds: where did Newt’s first 2012 campaign staff go?

Now that Newt Gingrich’s poll numbers are surging, I was wondering what happened to the members of his staff that jumped ship in June. Dave Carney, Rob Johnson and Katon Dawson all went to Rick Perry. They must be having second thoughts now after switching from the morally muddy but excellent debater Gingrich to the […]


Late Night With Herman Cain

I have been reluctant to pile on Cain in a jocular manner about the sexual harassment charges. All sexual harassment claims should be taken very seriously. It takes incredible bravery for any sexual assault victim to step forward and endure embarrassment and humiliation as bad or worse than the original offense. Still, although false accusations […]