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Why Romney Won’t Show Us His Tax Return

© Ruben Bolling

I love Tom the Dancing Bug. In fact, I just joined his Inner Hive (less than $10 — cheap!). You can too.

UPDATE: Good article on how the rich avoid paying taxes. “Our tax code has a number of flaws, one of which is that it doesn’t do a very good job of discriminating based on income. It is progressive over all, but very high-income people can pay very little tax. How they avoid tax is an important and legitimate issue we should be talking about.”



  1. jonah wrote:

    Saturday, August 11, 2012 at 4:17 am | Permalink
  2. ebdoug wrote:

    For ten years, I’ve screamed and yelled about the tax cuts to the rich. And on a small scale: In 2008, I had a taxable income of 20K. I was still doing tax returns. Because so much of my income is from dividends, I had no taxable income to the IRS. But a client with the same income who actually worked going to Rite Aide for a few hours a week making the same income was a tax payer. Wear and tear on her car, maintaining clothes, etc.
    This year another person did his return on my computer. He commutes 2 hours five days a week and makes 55k which is where I am now. Wear and tear on his vehicle, 2 hours out of his day, etc. HE PAYS $4000 MORE IN FEDERAL INCOME TAX THAN I DO. Please folks, I’ve yelled and screamed for ten years,I’m yelling in the forest where no one can hear except for IK and Warren Buffett, this is not fair. I’m ready to pay the extra to get my country that my family settled in the early 1600s back on track. Its not just the Romney’s of this world. It is all of us with dividends and capital gain getting the breaks over the working people. Spread the word, tell everyone to let Bush’s tax cuts expire. ALL OF THE CUTS.

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  3. westomoon wrote:

    Hmm, $3.9 million… Isn’t that the amount Romney gave the Mormon Church in the one year we’re allowed to know about?

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