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A Screw by Any Other Name

© Mike Luckovich

The Obama campaign has created an interesting website — — which allows you to type in your income and see what would happy to your taxes under Obama’s and Romney’s tax plans. Of course, the website makes lots of assumptions, but the basic point is still true. Obama has already cut taxes for the poor and middle class, and contrary to what many people believe, their taxes have gone down under Obama. While under Romney’s tax plan, unless you are rich your taxes would go up.

There is also more accurate (and slightly more complicated) tax calculators created by the Citizen’s for Tax Justice.


One Comment

  1. oregonbird wrote:

    I see irony. In America, we’re watching our civil rights and the civil discourse vanish, and talking about money. Isn’t that amusing? Doesn’t it just sum up the national character perfectly?

    At least for awhile, the 99 Percent had the discussion headed in the right direction. Now it’s in the hands, once again, or politicians and corporate media, and the fact that both sides have the same goal — to fatten their master’s pocket — has vanished from the convo.

    Republicans take away our right to vote, our right to be equal. Democrats take away our right to dissent to those violations.

    Monday, August 13, 2012 at 11:34 am | Permalink