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Late Night Political Humor

“There’s a big controversy with the History Channel’s mini-series The Bible. Well, it seems the actor playing Satan bears an uncanny resemblance to President Obama. You know, this isn’t the first time the president’s been portrayed as the devil. FOX News does it every single day. This is not new.” – Jay Leno

“The Republican National Committee announced that it will spend $10 million to reach out to Hispanic, Asian, and African-American voters – you know, to ask them not to vote.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Congresswoman Michele ‘Nutball’ Bachmann back in the news. She has attacked what she calls the Obamas’ lavish White House lifestyle. She says they spend too much money on perks and things like a dog walker. That turns out to be totally not true. The Obamas do not pay someone to walk their dog. Joe Biden does that job every day for free.” – Jay Leno

“According to a new survey, the average member of Congress can speak only at a 10th-grade level. Which is worse than it sounds, because the average 10th grader can speak only at a 5th-grade level.” – Jay Leno