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Fear of the Unknown

Adam Zyglis
© Adam Zyglis

Is the cure worse than the disease? Wake up!

At one point we Americans were demanding that the government protect us from those big bad terrorists. As a result, we got torture, Guantanamo, two wars, body searches at airports, and a surveillance state to rival those of the most oppressive dictatorships in history. By fighting terrorism, we became the terrorists.


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  1. Arthanyel wrote:

    All true – which, by the way IS THE POINT OF TERRORISM. There is a distinction between a drastically outnumbered and outgunned group fighting a war (guerrilla warfare) and terrorism. The goal of terrorism is to cause your enemy to give up the fight by making the fight too painful, OR cause your enemy to take such drastic and repressive actions that their own population rises against them in rebellion.

    Unfortunately we have slipped neatly into the trap and are making headway on having America destroyed by internal revolution.

    We should not let the terrorists win. We should slip out of the trap by supporting changes to campaign finance, to partisan scorched earth politics, and by ousting every representative that is a part of the problem instead of part of the solution. And that means supporting groups like No Labels, the Coffee Party, and others that are trying to make this happen.

    Because we are better than this.

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