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Late Night Political Humor

“The Supreme Court struck down the part of the Voting Rights Act which protected minority voting in areas where it needed to be protected. Their reasoning is that we don’t need it anymore. Racism is basically over in America, so let’s get back to talking about Trayvon Martin and Paula Deen.” – Bill Maher

“The Supreme Court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. Here in West Hollywood, the gay community was out in the streets kissing each other, they went dancing, they closed up traffic. And then they heard about the ruling.” – Bill Maher

“Not everyone is taking advantage of the new law. John McCain and Lindsay Graham announced today that they’re going to continue living secret lives of quiet desperation.” – Bill Maher

“Christian conservatives are furious about this. This has made them defensive. They say they are not bigots because they’re against gay marriage. Now they say they’re being bullied, demonized, and discriminated against. Yeah, how’s that feel?” – Bill Maher

“The asshole douchebag who runs Chick-Fil-A tweeted his disgust about the ruling. He said it was a sad day for the nation. Because gay sex is just icky. He said if you want something disgusting and unnatural lodged in your colon, it better be one of his sandwiches.” – Bill Maher

“Texas state Senator Wendy Davis singlehandedly stopped a draconian abortion bill from getting passed in the Texas state legislature, stood up there filibustering for 12 hours. So I guess Todd Akin was right – women can shut that whole thing down.” – Bill Maher

“That Edward Snowden dude got out of Hong Kong, flew to Russia, has been in the Russian airport the whole week, but still no one can find him. When Sarah Palin today heard that he may be incognito, she called for a full scale invasion of Cognito.” – Bill Maher