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Naomi Wolf on Fake News Stories

So, could you believe that the Boston Terrorist Bombing was possibly a false flag operation?


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  1. ThatGuy wrote:

    I guess I don’t disagree with her, we should have higher standards for our media and always be critical consumers of news, keeping in mind who in the story and in the media could gain from this or that being reported. It does seem like Ms. Wolf has gone off the deep end a bit though. Apart from taking a question on Boston and saying just about nothing on the subject, her thoughts that ISIS is being framed for beheadings and that the US Government is looking to use Ebola to bring about martial law at home are,in my opinion, pretty laughable.

    As to the bombings being false flag operations, I think that’s just about as crazy as her Ebola conspiracies. I was just shy of two blocks from one of the bombs and I’ll always remember the flood of humanity heading north away from Boylston just moments after the blast. It was an incredibly surreal day followed by several more.

    What I do want to point out is that, while the city was “shut down,” and we were encouraged to stay inside during the manhunt, there was no one actively keeping people indoors. No SWAT trucks patrolling the streets and shuffling people back to their apartments. It comes off a little strange to hear a questioner describe this as city-wide martial law. In my opinion, the Boston police handled everything just about as well as you could hope to in such a crazy situation. But I’m not really sure what to argue against specifically as she doesn’t say much on the subject directly.

    Anyway, I think the irony here is that, while accusing the USG and media of hyping or altering stories to drive an agenda (they do, and always have, so of course be critical of your sources), Ms. Wolf is making bombastic claims that get her loads of air time. Let’s all remember to consider who benefits when something crazy gets reported.

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