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Stuck in the Middle with You

It is almost enough to make you feel sorry for Jeb Bush. The headline in the New York Times reads “Jeb Bush Seems to Shift Tone in His Praise of Indiana Law“. Yes, presidential candidate Jeb Bush is now backing away from his formerly full-throated support for the Indiana “religious freedom” law that is causing so much fuss.

What’s a moderate Republican to do? He’s trying to find a middle ground that probably doesn’t exist in today’s GOP. If he does anything remotely reasonable, the Tea Party will make him lose the Republican primary. But if he kowtows to the Tea Party, he has no chance to win the general election.

Meanwhile, you gotta hand it to Ted Cruz in his consistency. He is still singing the praises of those brave people in Indiana who fought for the right to discriminate against gay people. He’s not backing down, he’s doubling down by speaking out against “the radical gay-marriage agenda over religious liberty.”

I’m willing to bet that neither of these two are electable.


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  1. Patricia wrote:

    We can only hope!đŸ˜„

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