A very interesting survey from Bloomberg politics turns up results that are rather disturbing. I’ll quote directly from Bloomberg:

Republicans by a ratio of more than 2-to-1 say the U.S. should support Israel even when its stances diverge with American interests … Democrats, by roughly the same ratio, say the opposite is true and that the U.S. must pursue its own interests over Israel’s.

You read that right. Republicans put Israel’s interests above American interests. Can this possibly be true? Are Republicans really more loyal to a foreign country than to America? They would support Israel even if it was against our interests? And they are willing to say this out loud to a pollster?

Continuing the shocking results:

Republicans say they feel more sympathetic to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu than to their own president, 67 percent to 16 percent, while Democrats are more sympathetic to President Barack Obama than to Israel’s prime minister, 76 percent to 9 percent.

I have a simple suggestion. If they really love another country more than America, the GOP should become the multi-Millineum Old Party and move to Israel. But I have to warn them what they will find there: socialized health care, taxpayer-funded abortions, and no Christmas. Oy Vey!