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Suicide Waiting Lists?

[This is one of those stories that may be just too ironic to be true. Unfortunately, just seeing it in multiple reputable news sources isn’t good enough anymore. And yet I haven’t found anything to discredit it. But as Colbert might say, it does have a certain truthiness to it, so I’m posting it anyway.]

Corruption for Martyrs?

Pro-Islamic-State (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL) religious leader Kamil Abu Sultan is complaining about corruption and nepotism in the extremist organization. Why? Because Saudi militants inside IS are giving preferential treatment to their friends for suicide-bombing missions in Iraq and Syria. According to an article in Radio Free Europe:

According to Abu Sultan, the waiting list for suicide bombers in Syria is so long that — ironically — some militants die on the battlefield before they get their chance to explode for IS.

One would-be suicide bomber complained that the only way to get a suicide-bombing assignment in Iraq is through what is known as “blat” — a Russian slang term meaning connections.

An interview on the BBC a year ago revealed the existence of waiting lists for would-be suicide bombers.

Apparently, suicide missions carry more prestige than being killed in battle, because “A militant who carries out a suicide truck bombing will have a far greater and more spectacular impact than a foot soldier who is killed on the battlefield.”

An article published in Australia says that foreign fighters, especially those from western countries are prized by IS and also given priority.


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  1. BTN wrote:

    These policies make perfect sense. Westerners that commit terrorist acts against the west can be seen by some as “insiders,” so they will lend more credence to the terrorists acts.

    As for friends getting prefernetial treatment, welcome to human nature. This is the same way many people get jobs in the US.

    In actuality, I doubt there is any kind of ranked list at all. Just as with jobs, of course recommendations and conenctions will mean a lot, particularly for a job when trust that somoen will carry out the mission is so important

    Sunday, June 21, 2015 at 6:52 pm | Permalink