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Late Night Political Humor

“In an interview this week, Jeb Bush said that if he had a magic wand, there are at least ten things that he would like change about the Constitution. Then Jeb Bush was given the prize for ‘lamest use of a magic wand’.” – Jimmy Fallon

“A new poll shows that Jeb Bush is now even more unpopular than Donald Trump. Or as Jeb put it, ‘Well, at least there’s one poll where I’m ahead of Trump.'” – Jimmy Fallon

“Donald Trump had an interview with CNN in the lobby of the Trump Tower Hotel this week, and apparently someone yelled, ‘You’ll never win the Latino vote.’ And then immediately, Trump had the guy deported over to La Quinta Hotel.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Trump was also recently quoted saying he can’t remember the last time he apologized. His barber said, ‘Well, I definitely remember the last time I apologized.'” – Jimmy Fallon