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Late Night Political Humor

“At the debate, Hillary Clinton addressed the controversy of her personal email server and said she has ‘no concerns about it whatsoever’. Democrats were like, ‘yeah, that’s what concerns us’.” – Jimmy Fallon

“According to a new report, the number of babies named ‘Hillary’ has decreased 90 percent since Bill Clinton was president. And, this is interesting, there has never been a baby named Bernie.” – Seth Meyers

“Hillary also told Bernie Sanders that it’s time for his campaign to ‘end the very artful smear’ against her. Incidentally, ‘very artful smear’ is also how Bernie orders a bagel. ‘Gimme a whole wheat with a very artful schmear of veggie cream cheese!'” – Jimmy Fallon

“A tattoo artist in Vermont is offering free Bernie Sanders tattoos. Yeah, they’re actually the first tattoos that start to look better as you develop wrinkles.” – Jimmy Fallon

“On the Republican side, Donald Trump shot an interview with Fox News, and said he has never smoked marijuana. Trump said, ‘I don’t want get paranoid and start thinking people are sneaking into our country and stealing our jobs.” – Jimmy Fallon

“I saw that George W. Bush is now appearing in a campaign ad supporting his brother’s presidential campaign. Jeb says he hopes it will help him win over a very specific group of undecided voters: his parents.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Jeb Bush’s mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, joined him on the campaign trail yesterday for the first time. Though she did emphasize that she still hasn’t decided who she’s voting for.” – Seth Meyers