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Trump Supporters are Racist

Well, duh. But now we have proof. And I’m reporting it because it is ironic proof.

As everyone should know, in a primary you are not voting for a candidate, you’re voting for delegates (picked by the candidate’s campaign, and pledged to vote for the candidate) who go to the convention and actually vote for a candidate (at least on the first ballot).

So in Illinois last week when Trump supporters were voting for delegates, something strange happened. Usually, a Trump supporter would vote for all of Trump’s delegates, but in 12 cases there was a differential where some delegates got significantly more votes than other delegates, even though they would all be pledged to vote for Trump. And in a majority of cases, the delegate who got fewer votes had a foreign-sounding name. This pattern was unique to Trump supporters.

In fact, in three cases the differential was so high that Trump did not win delegates. Raja Sadiq got 25% fewer votes than Doug Hartmann in the same district, and thus did not get picked as a delegate. Likewise, Nabi Fakroddin and Jim Uribe got 14% and 11% fewer votes, and were not picked.

Even though people were voting for Trump’s delegates, they refused to vote for a delegate with a (sometimes vaguely) middle eastern sounding name. This cost Trump three delegates (out of 69 total in Illinois).

So if Trump somehow falls three delegates short of reaching the magic number of 1,237 delegates at the Republican convention and consequently does not win the nomination on the first ballot, it will be the fault of his racist supporters. Karma.