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Trump’s Beautiful Flip Flops

Donald Trump seems to have just set a speed record for flip flops. As Electoral Vote hilariously put it:

Donald Trump sat for an interview Friday with Face the Nation. By that point, it had been more than 24 hours since he had explained his deeply-held views on abortion rights, so it was time for him to switch positions again. Thus, The Donald explained to moderator John Dickerson that while he believes abortion constitutes murder, “the laws are now set.” It would be difficult — impossible, perhaps — to craft a worse position on this issue, at least from a political perspective. In one fell swoop, the GOP frontrunner managed to alienate pro-choice folks by calling them murderers while at the exact same time alienating pro-life advocates by telling them “tough luck.”

After the inevitable blowback that came once excerpts of the interview were published, Trump got a head start on his Saturday flip-flop, and switched to abortion position #5 late Friday, declaring that he would “change the law through judicial appointments.” Now, he’s got the whole weekend to shift gears to position #6, whatever it may be.

This is not the first, nor will it probably be the last, multiple major flip flop on the part of Trump. In fact, Face The Nation has put together an online quiz. “Can you keep track of Trump’s shifting responses to policy questions?” Click the link to find out.



  1. redjon wrote:

    Seven more months… there should be a national pool… closest to correct get to split the proceeds…

    Monday, April 4, 2016 at 2:09 pm | Permalink
  2. Ralph wrote:

    Interesting quiz (aced it, of course) but I thought it would be even more interesting to hear what the great man himself might have to say about this sort of quiz after further and careful reconsideration. So I sent the link to his Twitter feed and received this tremendously frank response within minutes, seconds even, in a series of confidential tweets, compiled and unedited here below in its entirety as a public service, so you can see for yourself exactly where the man stands on the critical issues of our time.

    “Ok Mr. Ralph so I took your test and it said my answers were all wrong again well according to what the mainstream media says anyway which has been very unfair to me very unfair so unfair soooo biased I have to say as if I didn’t know what I said before because I have a tremendous memory no one has a better memory than me as I’m sure I said and excuse me excuse me the questions were very unfair very unfair and so hypothetical and manipulative too just like they did with Sarah who I have tremendous respect for and appreciate her support and you’d probably agree by the way is still pretty hot for her age so I went back and took these questions under advisement by my tremendous staff and I must tell you no one hires better people smarter people than me if you ask any of them and they said I should probably not even be answering such question they were so unfair but I’m a nice guy a fair guy I treat everyone fairly and that’s why people really like me once they get to know me even women because no one treats women better than me if you want to know the truth and that goes for the Blacks too and the Hispanics the Black Hispanic women I mean no one treats chicks better than me regardless of race or cup size and you can even ask them and my lawyers will tell you and they say I should not even be answering questions like these because they’re so unfair so unfair soooo biased I mean it’s like they’re trying to trip you up and you know I’m a person I’ve grown I’ve changed people change and I’m a person just like everyone else but it’s unbelievable no one else gets these kinds of crazy questions but I guess that’s how the game is played now in the mainstream media who take my calls all the time anytime they need a ratings boost so I’m happy to do it even though I don’t get anything in return and let me just add you know Kasich shouldn’t even be allowed to keep running I mean look at the numbers I’m winning so much I mean I’ve won I mean I’ve won almost every single time by yuge amounts really yuuuge incredible margins tremendous I mean it’s ridiculous how much I’m winning by tremendous margins tremendous and all he’s accomplishing now is stealing my votes which is very unfair I mean he’s destroying the party if you want to be honest and the lies the lies are just unbelievable especially coming from Lyin’ Ted who has been very mean to me I must say besides his wife who is such a bag I mean a double bagger really if you look at it closely but I’m not even going there even though he started it and I understand he’s a politician and I’m not a politician ok? and I didn’t have to do this at all why would I want to do this especially with how unfairly I’ve been treated and lending all this money my own money by the way to my campaign at a very reasonable interest rate if you must know but I’m very rich very very rich I hate to tell you but I do it because I have tremendous respect for all the great people in this country especially the poorly educated who I love and who support me and let’s face it folks no one talks to them and understands them like I do and they come to my events which are free by the way and which are yuuge no one has bigger turnouts than me as you know and we’re selling a lot of hats and a lot of steaks incidentally we have the best steaks and we’re selling more steaks now than we ever did in the Sharper Image catalog and my delicious vodka they love my tremendous vodka we probably sell more vodka than anything and they’re just tremendous people and I love ’em and they just want to make America great again like me and it’s a shame what is happening in this country with all the protesters showing up at my events which I pay for by the way including the security who do a tremendous job no one hires better security than me and they’ll be working on my great wall too incidentally and the fingers the ugly fingers and signs these protesters are putting up there in front of the cameras and the children it’s totally disgraceful they shouldn’t be allowed it’s disgusting vulgar and so disrespectful it’s like being sucker punched which I would never do by the way but can understand if people get upset with it and especially the Bernie spies who are showing up now it’s an absolute disgrace I have to say and I haven’t even gotten started yet on Hillary but I’m saving that for later if it happens and I predict it will happen because we’re doing so unbelievably great even in the blue states now if you look and we’re turning out tremendous numbers and I just want to make this country great again if you want to know the truth. Excuse me, what was the question again?”

    Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 10:55 am | Permalink