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Trump Attacks Constitution?

Donald Trump is getting easier to predict.

When everyone pointed out the hypocrisy of Trump calling his executive order against Muslims entering the US a “Travel Ban” even as his administration was claiming that it wasn’t a travel ban at all, Trump doubled down. And you know he is serious, because he used ALL CAPS, saying, “I am calling it what we need and what it is, a TRAVEL BAN!”.

Trump called the second version of his executive order “the watered down, politically correct version” and blamed it on the Justice Department. With Trump, everything is always someone else’s fault. He also blamed the court system, calling it “slow and political”.

Don’t you just feel so very sorry for Trump? That nasty old Constitution is getting in the way of him getting what he wants, so of course he has to throw a temper tantrum.

Then he went back to his golf club to play golf for the second day in a row.