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[from Margaret and Helen]

Margaret, last week six football players knelt during the national anthem. This week it was 200. And just like Colin Kaepernick, they weren’t making a statement about the flag. I swear this president is so stupid, he couldn’t find his ass if both hands were in his back pockets.

Lord help me, but I’ve taken a knee and I don’t want to get up. Maybe I can’t get up. I’m not sure which. Three and a half million American citizens are in crisis in Puerto Rico, North Korea is threatening Armageddon, Russia used Facebook to influence our elections, Nazis are running over young women, Congress wants to take healthcare away from poor people… and our president has nothing better to do except name calling to get a cheer at his Klan rally.

As the widow of a veteran, I have no issue with any player taking a knee to protest during the national anthem. He has every bit as much right to do that as Donald Trump had to say that McCain wasn’t a war hero because he had been captured. Protecting that right is what my husband and McCain fought for. And all those Trump supporters calling for a football boycott lost their moral high ground when they put that man in the Oval Office.

A black football player peacefully protests well-documented inequalities that exist within our legal system and a bunch of crackers in Alabama cheer when the President calls him a son-of a-bitch. Are we really surprised? After all, those same hillbillies had no problem when the President called a bunch of protesting Nazis fine people. If we should be outraged about anything, it’s that we have a President who seems to be more comfortable in a white hood than the White House.

The “sons-of-bitches” in question were protesting social inequalities. The fact that Trump and his supporters equate that to protesting America is telling if you ask me. But what is even more telling is how Trump insults the players’ mothers rather than the player.

You know what’s really disrespectful to the American Flag and the men and women who fought to defend it? The Confederate flag. I mean it. Really.

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  1. Jonah wrote:

    Welcome back. And I agree. What right does this guy have for glorifying the national anthem when he himself insulted not one but two war heroes, mccain and humayun khan? So is trump only respecting soldiers who werent captured or didnt die? Its a disgrace. And as a leader he’s diverted the topic from the problem of racism to something artificial.

    Fortunately it seems that the american public has gotten smarter, if not smarter than the NFL owners. After being hoodwinked on facebook and google and any other message board, voters seem to be slowly awakening to the fact that they’ve been had. Is it too late though?

    Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 4:29 am | Permalink
  2. Wildwood wrote:

    It interesting to me that people seldom realize that being called a SOB is an insult to your mother more than yourself.

    Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 8:11 am | Permalink
  3. ebdoug wrote:

    And both Colin’s mothers (real and adopted) are white.

    Welcome back. It got worse while you were gone.

    Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 10:33 am | Permalink