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What will happen to Brett Kavanaugh? If the Republicans ram the Supreme Court nomination of Kavanaugh down America’s throat, they are going to rile up Democrats (especially women) and probably lose additional seats during the midterms. But if they don’t, they will piss off their die-hard base, who might sit out the midterms in response. And hovering above all of this is the memory of how the Republicans blatantly stole the nomination of Merrick Garland from Obama and the Democrats.

© Pia Guerra


One Comment

  1. Greg wrote:

    Man, it’s even worse now than when you posted this just over a week ago.

    But you know you’re winning when you have to advertise your SCOTUS nominee on tv while trying to ram it through the confirmation process before you lose power in one or both chambers because you raided the Treasury and anyway you can’t take Orange Cheato’s insanity anymore.

    Good to see you back here again weighing in, IK.

    Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 6:18 pm | Permalink