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Apparently, we can’t just get along

The FBI reports that in 2017 hate crimes increased by 17%, a particularly large jump. That’s the largest number of hate crimes in the last decade, and the third year in a row that hate crimes increased. Before that, hate crimes had been generally decreasing.

Hate crimes increased by an even larger amount against Jews (37%). And that doesn’t even include the recent event in Pittburgh, where a gunman killed 11 Jews at their synagogue. That was the worst anti-Semitic attack in US history.

Many experts in Civil Rights note that hate crimes are vastly under-reported, because victims choose not to report the crimes, or because some police agencies do not keep statistics on hate crimes. The Arab American Institute estimates that fewer than 5% of hate crimes actually show up in the FBI data. For example, they point out that it is hard to believe that the Las Vegas Police Force, who serve 1.6 million residents, reported zero hate crimes in 2017.


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  1. Wildwood wrote:

    The police are often complicit or just do not see the need for dealing with this type of thing. I am often looking up things online and I’m amazed at how little is actually available on many types of things like crime statistics. You can find estimates and I’m often not sure who is doing these estimates, or no information at all.

    Lately, I’ve been trying to find who is funding the migrant caravan, aside from the obvious scapegoat, Soros. I’m either looking in the wrong places or no one is posting that information.

    In the past other statistics on crimes have eluded my research abilities. Things like how many police departments are there in this country. How many police there are.

    As to your post, if I were being harassed, but didn’t feel physically threatened, I might not report it. Or I might not report it in fear of reprisals, particularly if I knew the police would either ignore my complaint or side with the person doing the harassment, or in some cases be the harassers.

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