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© Jen Sorensen

You may be wondering about some of the panels in this comic, but they are actual events. This would be laughably funny if it weren’t so pathetic and stupid.

For example, take the bus in the third panel. You should read the short article about it, but if you are too lazy, here’s the tl;dr version:

  • The bus is stopped by a SWAT team. It’s a small group of street performers who travel to places and juggle things. Nothing is amiss, nobody is arrested, nothing to see there.
  • Then it gets weird. The next day the police go on Facebook and announce this:
  • Yes, there is a hatchet, sitting next to a pile of wood and a wood stove that they use for heat. There is one (singular) meat cleaver, in the kitchen and used for cooking. My favorite thing are the “rocks”, which are crystals and some fossils. Better watch out, those magic crystals can be dangerous!
  • Nevertheless, this gets picked up by the far-right disinformation machine, and is spread far and wide as proof of an Antifa invasion. Marco Rubio even tweets this:

The last panel is about the “Autonomous Zone” in Seattle. Fox News actually issued an apology for digitally creating false and misleading photos. For example, they inserted an image of an armed man into a photo of broken windows. Then even inserted the same image of the armed man into an unrelated photo of the autonomous zone. That would be enough to scare anyone, which I guess is the whole point.

Fox News also used a frightening photo of a burning city with stories about the Seattle Autonomous Zone, even though the photo was actually from Minnesota (where a precinct station was burned).

Again, the right-wing media went bat-shit crazy. Even Donald Trump falsely claimed that Seattle was out of control. Fox eventually removed the photos, and apologized for the misinformation. But the damage had already been done.

Here’s an actual photo from the “Autonomous Zone”. It’s like a street fair, with food trucks, free water, art, … and no fires:

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  1. David Freeman wrote:

    This disinformation about AntiFa and BLM is very dangerous. Yesterday the racists who frequently invade my town, Pittsboro NC, brought knives and tied their confederate flags to heavy wooden poles and in one case a hockey stick. When confronted by us about their carrying weapons, they claimed it was necessary to defend themselves from armed AntiFa terrorists – us. They shouted the most vile sexually harassing threats of the most vile kinds and one white Supremacist who came all the way from Mississippi kept moving towards a college student as she kept backing away. When a man step between them KRock Johnson of Mississippi punches the antiracist. I pulled my truck up to block traffic in case he pushed someone off the curb and another racist with a hockey stick tried to open my door then climbed on the back. That same racist later beat a different one of us with the hockey stick sending her to the hospital with a concussion, broken nose and hand. Their idea of self defense is a strong offense. Unfortunately we can’t call the cops because when we did in the past they sided with the racists. One of us is still facing charges for bleeding on an officer after a League of the South White Nationalist beat her with megaphone. Another was arrested for assaulting a racist fist with his face.
    It’s bad out here but hopefully the general public is starting to see that police culture and white supremacy are deeply intertwined

    Friday, June 19, 2020 at 11:18 am | Permalink