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Subversive Science!

The anti-science forces finally have direct evidence that science is subversive! No wonder they have been warning us that global climate change is a hoax, vaccines cause autism, 5G is a form of mind control, and our glorious president knows more about how to cure COVID-19 than those egg-head scientists at the CDC and WHO.

The evidence was published in, of all places, Popular Mechanics. It pretends to be keeping people from “getting hurt”. But the title says it all: “How to Topple a Statue Using Science“. It starts out innocently enough:

Should you happen to find yourself near a statue that you decide you no longer like, we asked scientists for the best, safest ways to bring it to the ground without anyone getting hurt—except, of course, for the inanimate racist who’s been dead for a century anyway.

After that, the article dives into such subversive scientific terms as “yield strength”, “megapascals”, and graphs of the strengths of metals versus temperature.

It then quickly moves on to more dangerous topics, like the use of thermite and liquid nitrogen. Clearly we should stop teaching science immediately in schools, before riots and general mayhem break out. 😜


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    That’s amazing. D

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