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Swift completion of their appointed rounds?

I assume that only people who have been avoiding the news don’t know that the Republicans are trying to throw the election by screwing with the US Postal Service. Trump has literally admitted it.

© Keef Knight

Ironically, there are some good arguments that this blatant use of the federal bureaucracy for political gain will backfire on the Republicans.


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  1. wildwood wrote:

    I hope it backfires on them and quickly. Pelosi calling back Congress should help keep in the headlines.

    We moved into a temporary house after we sold ours and have been here now a few months. My mail shows up as regular as clockwork, about every two or three days. We are on a walking route for the first time,for us, in about 40 years. At our old house, we probably only had no mail in the box about once or twice a year. Here and now, it’s at best every other day, and best doesn’t happen very often. And if we need something mailed, that’s fun too. We drove for some miles trying to find a drop box one day. Now we have located a post office in the area and can take our outgoing mail there if it’s urgent. My ballot for the August 3rd election sat on top of our mail box for 3 days before we went on our hunt for a place to mail it. My husbands, ballot never made it here and he didn’t vote.

    I’m hoping we can vote absentee in November, but live in Missouri and there has always been a concerted effort to keep the blue parts of the state from having their say in governmental affairs. And until some of rural Missouri gets hurt by their checks and medications not coming on time, there will be no push back that will have any effect. And maybe not even then, since the rural parts of this state believe all the nonsense spewed out of the mouths of the right wing pundits. Who knew that selling all the radio stations to right wing dildos would result in this county going down the toilet.

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