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Signs of the Times

We have a new commandment:

I guess the clothing company Patagonia has had enough. They have started putting a new hidden tag into their lines of active clothing:

Many people are buying Patagonia products just to get one (or more!) with the special tag. The best part of this is that it isn’t even overtly partisan. Of course, everyone knows who the assholes are (including the assholes themselves!). But according to the company, they are specifically targeting climate deniers.

Of course, Donald Trump just a couple of days ago told Californians (who are getting burned by a record number of out-of-control fires) not to worry about climate change, saying “It”ll start getting cooler. You just—you just watch.” The head of California’s Natural Resources Agency responded “I wish science agreed with you.” Trump shot back “I don’t think science knows, actually.” Of course, this is a guy who thinks you can fight Covid-19 by injecting bleach into your veins.