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Eerily Prescient?

Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

© Tom Tomorrow

Join the “This Modern World” / “Political Irony” last chance pre-election flash poll. Pick the options that you believe will be appropriate once this election is done and decided (whenever that might be) and submit them in the comments for this post.

While you’re at it, today’s edition of Electoral-Vote is conducting a far less tongue-in-cheek but eerily similar survey. It is very short and just asks you what you believe will be the outcome of the elections.



  1. J wrote:

    Well it’s not like me to give my opinion, but since you asked 😉

    Legal: Balance all the courts. Rebalance power of presidency away from tilt towards monarchy.

    Government Admin: Strengthen enforcement i.e. Hatch act. watchdogs, cabinet confirmations.

    Taxation: Share the burden of taxation equitably. Properly fund IRS. Seek statutory means to disincentive excessive use of tax code for economic policy

    Elections: Federal rules for federal elections. Statehood for DC, USVI and Puerto Rico, if desired by those regions. Pursue all avenues to invalidate and eradicate electoral college.

    Government criminality: Combination of Nuremberg style trials for high level officials and Truth & Reconciliation for lower level political appointees and career civil servants.

    Only thorough and just accountability for the criminality of the Trump regime will enable us to credibly rebuild our international reputation, while putting extremists on notice that the days of running rampant in government are over.

    A new citizenship “contract”. All young people will be required to perform a period of national service including options for military, health care, elder care etc. In return, the USA will broaden benefits once reserved for veterans (GI bill, medical care) to all citizens.

    Raise full driving age to 19. Probationary driving age from 17.5 with curfew and requirement to display P plates on vehicle.

    Permit limited consumption of alcohol from 16 with adult supervision & purchase. Legal alcohol consumption at 18. Teens need to learn how to handle alcohol responsibly BEFORE driving and we must deal with the counterproductive glamorizing of alcohol due to teen prohibition.

    Eliminate racist marijuana criminalization as part of racial justice and equality drive.

    There’s just so much more – name a topic and I’ll provide my prescription 🙂

    Tuesday, November 3, 2020 at 11:47 am | Permalink
  2. Wildwood wrote:

    I agree with J on most items, particularly statehood and national service. I’ve been saying that for many decades. Two years of service, be it forestry, teachers aids, road work, nursing aids, library work, or many other possibilities. High school and then off to serve your country in some form. No getting out except for fairly severe physical issues. (not bone spurs and no daddy buying your service time out). People spout how patriotic they are, but this would let them prove it. I wish they had this when I got out of high school.

    I would also like to see a review and possibly removal of many of Trumps judges who are less than acceptable. Pack the Supreme Court.

    What happened to our ability to break up monopolies? Some of the huge corps need to be made tiny again.

    Make abortion access a law.

    Do something about the companies that don’t pay taxes. The tax law, in general, needs to be rethought and redone.

    Readdress health care coverage and get big pharma in line on their pricing. I take an expensive med that should have been eligible for being produced as a generic quite a few years ago. For some reason, the company has been able to stall that process.

    The Dreamers and others who have been mistreated, need to be allowed their process to citizenship. Those who took children away from their parents at the border should be arrested. That old “just following orders” should not be an acceptable defense. And those who gave the orders should go down as well. Adults should be able to tell right from wrong.

    Do something about the dreadful state of education in many states. I’m 77 and my education through high school, in St. Louis public schools, in the 50’s was so much better than my middle aged children got, and better than my 20 year old grandson got. And they went to top notch, acclaimed suburban public schools. I can not imagine what’s going on everywhere else.

    Quickly address global warming and start phasing out fracking. I’m not sure why people are so in love with such a destructive process, but it needs to go.

    Finally make someone do a full audit of the military. For decades we just keep giving them more money without any regard for where it ends up. And never stops. That old saying “Boys and their toys” is so evident in the military. It needs to be reigned in. Bigly.

    Tuesday, November 3, 2020 at 3:08 pm | Permalink
  3. Rachael Prieto wrote:

    Thank you J. Your list is specific and yet sums up major issues that we could move forward on. And the tone is refreshingly positive, not just reactive, negative and hopeless.
    Great comments, Wildwood, especially about education.
    Though I would replace the word “abortion” with the term “family planning”.
    I believe in safe and legal abortion for those in need, and I believe the need would be reduced if we had free access to the whole array of birth control measures – condoms, birth control pills, vasectomies, diaphragms, sex education, rape counseling, etc. – without shame and guilt.

    Saturday, November 7, 2020 at 12:30 pm | Permalink