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Moving On

Donald Trump actually said that if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden, then he will certainly leave the presidency.

© Keith Knight

For some strange reason, he did it from behind a rather tiny desk. Maybe White House staffers are secretly replacing his desk with a slightly smaller one each day, to nudge him out.



  1. Sam Foster wrote:

    Or he sold the actual Resolute Desk?

    Friday, November 27, 2020 at 3:01 pm | Permalink
  2. Peter wrote:

    This is actually a real thing. No joke involved.

    This table is often used for signing things with groups, where you don’t want this giant desk to obstruct the people who are there for the signing. For example, here‘s President Obama sitting at it to sign the Affordable Care Act. It doesn’t look quite so silly in that context.

    That said, put it alone on the floor and put a big guy like Trump behind it and it totally looks like he’s being banished to kiddie table.

    Friday, November 27, 2020 at 6:41 pm | Permalink
  3. Wildwood wrote:

    It makes his hands look bigger. And his head.

    Saturday, November 28, 2020 at 2:44 pm | Permalink
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Nothing is bigger than his head. Especially those tiny hands.

    Saturday, November 28, 2020 at 8:12 pm | Permalink

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