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Party before Country

Republicans seem hellbent on destroying not just our democracy, but also our country. Why? So they can blame it on the Democrats.

They have given up on their claims of fraud in the presidential election, and now they have resorting to just trying to overturn the election. They will fail at this, but it is a distraction we sorely do not need right now while we are trying to end the pandemic and keep the economy afloat.

Speaking of the pandemic, the Republicans and Trump refused to order enough doses of vaccines needed in order to be effective.

They are refusing to pass a stimulus bill sufficient to keep our economy running, so when the economy goes south they can blame it on the Democrats. They also refuse to send needed money to the states and local governments, even now that red states have become the hardest hit by the pandemic.

Trump is threatening to veto the Defense Authorization Bill, unless Congress adds a completely unrelated provision to punish social media sites for supposedly discriminating against conservatives.

They are doing everything in their power to hamstring Joe Biden even before he becomes president, and I’m sure they will continue to block everything Biden and the Democrats do for his entire term (just like they did for Barack Obama).

© Dave Granlund

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  1. William wrote:

    A friend pointed out that Trump and the Republicans know that the attempts to overturn the election won’t succeed. They wouldn’t be working so hard to torpedo the recovery and hamstring Biden if they really thought that Trump would stay in office after January 20th.

    Saturday, December 12, 2020 at 11:28 am | Permalink

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