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Playing the Victims

A new survey conducted by YouGov and The Economist teases out something that we have long suspected. Trump voters say that men are discriminated against more than gays, women, and ethnic minorities. According to the result, the percentage of Trump voters who believe that the following groups face “a great deal” or “a fair amount” […]


Helping the Terrorists Win?

Some people are comparing our hostility to the Syrian refugees to a similar situation on the eve of WWII, when 67% of Americans were against letting Jewish refugees escaping Nazi Germany come to the US. And 100 years before that, refugees from the Irish Famine were treated just as badly. Daesh (and terrorism) is our […]


Crowdfunding for Assholes

© Alex Salsberg This reminds me of the Chick-fil-A scandal in 2012 when the founders of the company said they supported the biblical definition of marriage and contributed to anti-gay organizations. LGBT organizations boycotted the business, but religious conservatives flocked to the chain to show their support. So who knows, maybe some people would contribute […]