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Pound Foolish

© Tom Toles In the last ten years, the total level of student loan debt has gone from $300 billion to $1.1 trillion. And we are now learning that this level of debt among people just starting to enter the real economy is significantly hurting the economy. It makes perfect sense – people with crushing […]


Sue Thyself?

In the aftermath of the crash of the housing bubble, banks went on a foreclosure spree, even foreclosing on houses on which they didn’t hold a mortgage. But supposedly they cleaned up their act. Or did they? According to publicly available records, one Bank, the Bank of America, in a single county alone, has sued […]


Turnabout is Fair Play

© Ed Stein If Wall Street is going to kick people out of their homes and occupy their houses, isn’t it fair that people should be able to occupy Wall Street in retaliation? Stein also provides commentary to his comic: I was working my way across the radio dial on my way home the other […]


Pay to Play

Republicans have been fighting against the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and especially hard to stop Elizabeth Warren from becoming its head. The new bureau is tasked with protecting consumers from predatory lenders and was primarily a response to massive abuses by mortgage lenders that contributed to the recent mortgage crisis. One of the most […]


The Price of Justice

I’m sure you’ve heard about the document mills that forged mortgage papers for banks so the banks could foreclose on people’s homes. According to Matt Taibbi: Put it this way. If the banks had to pay what they actually owed – from the registration taxes/fees they avoided by using the electronic registry system MERS to […]


Your own self interest?

© Tom Tomorrow Why is it that the people who complain the loudest about big government are the first ones to turn to it when they have a problem? UPDATE: Even the Wall Street Journal notes that there have been many problems with foreclosures, despite banks’ claims to the contrary. The problems prompted a strong […]