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John Oliver Explains Patent Trolls

I’ve talked about patents many times in this blog, but this hilarious video from Last Week Tonight will remind you that Congress is starting to reconsider patent reform again. I hope they do something about it this time. Patent trolls are already costing us trillions of dollars and putting a huge damper on our economy.


The Trolls are Winning

An article in the Washington Post reveals that we are in danger of losing the fight against software patent trolls. Ironically, it was the sponsor of the bill in the House, Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), who gave in to corporate lobbying pressure and removed a key provision of the law. Unfortunately, WaPo doesn’t do a particularly […]


Patently Wrong

© Ed Stein According to the constitution, patents are supposed to “promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts”, but nowadays they are mainly used to stifle innovation, crush competition, and keep lawyers employed. Part of the problem is that patents are supposed to be for things that are “non-obvious”, but the patent office is […]


Snow Jobs

The media is suddenly all atwitter about how our patent system is out of control. Some of this is (deservedly) brought on by the ridiculous patent wars currently going on between Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC and others. Or by the increasing number of “patent trolls” — companies that don’t actually build much of anything but […]