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Changing the Rules

We seem so willing to give up our rights in exchange for a little safety, by forcing technology companies like Apple to install backdoors in their encryption. But not for gun rights. Think about how many lives would be saved if we just tightened up a few loopholes in gun laws, like the loophole that […]


Not So Secret Anymore

The Second Circuit US Court of appeals has ruled that the NSA cannot perform mass surveillance of telephone records anymore. The legal analysis by the EFF is a short read and definitely worth it. But if you are too lazy to read that, here is the tl;dr version from BoingBoing: 1. When Congress gave the […]


Privacy be Damned

Every once in a while, people in positions of power indadvertedly reveal not only that their view of reality is distorted, but also that they really have no idea what they are talking about. Recently, in response to leaked revelations that the NSA and other law enforcement agencies had pretty much free access to all […]


The Limits of Surveillance

© Brian McFadden But remember, if WMDs are outlawed, only outlaws will have WMDs. How will we defend ourselves?