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Breaking Promises

© Chan Lowe Now that Trump is the president elect, “building the wall” with Mexico has somehow stopped being mentioned at all. Trump is already breaking campaign promises, and he isn’t even president yet. But that’s not the biggest campaign promise that Trump is about to break. During the campaign, Trump promised over and over […]


Up or Down

© Matt Bors Remember times like now, when the stock market is bouncing all over the place for no real reason. Remember now the next time someone says that we have to change Social Security to save it. Like in 2005 when Dubya tried to privatize some or all of it by investing it in […]


First Orders of Business

So what did the new Republican-controlled Congress decide was their first order of business this week? On their very first day, they decided that the most important thing to do was attack Social Security. But they did it in a sneaky and underhanded way. The House passed a new rule that, as the LA Times […]


Entitled To Vote?

© Jen Sorensen I wonder who first started calling them entitlements? Is this another example of Republican framing?



© Clay Bennett Unfortunately, the same thing applies to Medicare and the defense budget.


Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

© Tom Tomorrow The largest increases in “average life expectancy” are actually due to a lowering of childhood death. Old people really aren’t living that much longer than they did when Social Security was originally established. And those who do live longer are primarily in the top half of income earners. Interestingly, the tax that […]