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Go Bernie Go!

The Senate is already debating the repeal of Obamacare, and Bernie Sanders is already pointing out the blazing hypocrisy if they succeed. One of the advantages of a president who can’t stop tweeting is that you have everything he has tweeted in black and white. So Sanders brought a rather large copy of one of […]


Breaking Promises

© Chan Lowe Now that Trump is the president elect, “building the wall” with Mexico has somehow stopped being mentioned at all. Trump is already breaking campaign promises, and he isn’t even president yet. But that’s not the biggest campaign promise that Trump is about to break. During the campaign, Trump promised over and over […]


How Not to Argue with Reality

Facts are stubborn things. The GOP game plan with facts seems to be to make some up, then repeat them so many times that people start to believe them. And usually the media lets them get away with it. But CNN’s Soledad O’Brien actually challenges these falsehoods! OMG, a real journalist? But it is interesting […]


Running with Scissors

© Pat Bagley