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Phil Gramm – Why does he hate America?

ABC news has a story about super-rich American tax cheats who got caught avoiding taxes by setting up bogus shell companies in Liechtenstein.

What’s interesting to me is that the the accounts were set up for the Americans by none other than the giant Swiss bank UBS.  Hmmm. UBS, where have I heard that name before?

Maybe it was Phil Gramm, who before joining the McCain campaign as its “financial guru” was a lobbyist for UBS.  You know, the same Phil Gramm who called America a “nation of whiners”. Not to mention that when he was a Senator he was responsible for the law that led to the Bear Stearns bailout and the current epidemic of mortgage foreclosures.

So, McCain’s main financial advisor is a lobbyist, who works for a foreign corporation, which helps greedy rich Americans break the law, while ruining the economy.  Is this the kind of person you want in charge?

Shouldn’t the media be asking Gramm “Why do you hate America?”

Ben Sargent
© Ben Sargent