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Late Night Political Humor

“The crisis in Ukraine still has people worried. Today John McCain led a group of senators there to get a firsthand look. When they landed, McCain said, ‘This is a disaster, these people are living like animals!’ And then someone said, ‘We have a layover – this is LaGuardia Airport.'” – Jimmy Fallon

“Things are moving quickly over there. Crimea is now holding a vote on whether to join Russia, but the ballot doesn’t have an option for voting against the plan – it lets people vote for joining Russia now, or down the road. When asked where he got the idea, Vladimir Putin said, ‘iTunes user agreement’.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Yesterday Washington had a big power outage. And I thought: Well, wait a minute, I think the Obama administration has been without power the entire second term.” –David Letterman

“It was so dark in Washington that when the power went out the only thing that was glowing was John Boehner’s face.” – David Letterman

“As soon as the lights in Washington went out, Senator John McCain tried to clap them back on.” – David Letterman

“A judge in New Jersey ruled that women can keep their husbands and boyfriends out of the delivery room while they are in labor. When asked if they’d mind leaving the room, husbands and boyfriends were already gone.” – Jimmy Fallon

“This week Pope Francis is celebrating his first anniversary as Pope, and he tweeted to his 3.7 million followers ‘Please pray for me’. I was a little surprised that he hashtagged it, ‘so hung over’.” – Seth Meyers


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