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Cruzing for a Bruzing

On Tuesday I did a post about Ted Cruz, asking how conservatives could be fooled by his flimsy tea party credentials when he is married to an investment banker who works for Goldman Sachs.

Well, it is worse than that. In a story published on Wednesday, the New York Times discloses that the Cruzes lied about how he financed his Senate campaign four years ago. Ted Cruz and his wife have repeatedly claimed that they scrimped and sacrificed to fund his campaign.

But it turns out that what they didn’t mention is two loans totaling around a million dollars, which were never reported to the FEC (which is against the law). Where did these loans come from? From Goldman Sachs and from Citibank.

And far from scrimping and sacrificing, their investment portfolio actually increased during that time, even though they claimed that they had liquidated everything to finance his campaign.

And what makes this especially hypocritical is that Ted Cruz campaigns as an enemy of Wall Street and the influence of big banks (like Citibank) in Washington.


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